Perform FibroMeter in four easy steps


Since May 2020, the calculation of FibroMeter™ scores is limited to the portal.

The site remains active with the function of setting up the account and access to information documents (CGU, user guide, etc.).


The FibroMeter™ tests are performed by a central Echosens partner laboratory with a connection from its system (LIS) to the FibroMeter™ services (in particular the EUROFINS BIOMNIS and Lab CERBA laboratories). These centers have all the equipment needed to measure the biological parameters of the FibroMeter™ as well as a connection to our server allowing automatic and simultaneous calculation of a large number of FibroMeter™ scores.






The procedure is as follows:


1/ The FibroMeter™ is prescribed by the general practitioner or specialist.


2/ The patient goes to the laboratory (certified by Echosens) for blood collection
and specific blood analysis.


3/ The laboratory computes FibroMeter™ on the FibroMeter website.
For large volumes, an automated connection is possible through a dedicated Web Service. 


4/ The test calculation triggers and generates a result report for interpretation
which should be shared from the laboratory to the patient and/or to the prescribing physician for interpretation.


--> To set up an automated calculation solution and become one of our partner laboratories, you can contact us at


Note: this automation is offered to laboratories with an activity of more than 20 calculations per month.